If applications can tolerate a little bit of downtime, high availability with replication and automatic failover will suffice. However, if zero downtime is preferred or required, continuous availability with multi-master clustering is a must.

Either way, database failures can impact applications – connections are closed, sessions are lost and in-flight transactions are rolled back. Or not. With features like transaction replay, database failures become completely transparent to applications.

In this webcast, we'll provide an overview of multi-master clustering in MariaDB Platform with Galera Cluster, discuss the latest improvements and future plans, and show how to hide database failures from applications using dynamic query routing and transaction replay.

By the end of this session, you'll know:

• How to eliminate downtime with MariaDB Platform and multi-master clustering
• The latest improvements and options for multi-master clustering
• How to prevent applications from being impacted by database failures

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David Thompson

Shane Johnson

Sr Director of Product Marketing

David Thompson

Colin Charles

Galera Cluster