With new enterprise features plus DBaaS and machine learning initiatives, now is the time to learn more about the open source database MariaDB and where it's going. Join us at this free online event to discover why businesses rely on MariaDB.


This event will introduce you to the latest features of the enterprise, open source, database solution MariaDB Platform (distributed SQL, integration of Apache Kafka and Redis, new security features, and much more). We will also explain our new DBaaS MariaDB SkySQL and will have a roundtable discussion about Xpand, MariaDB's distributed SQL database which brings trouble-free scaling and HA.

You will also get an overview of advanced operational capabilities alongside MariaDB high availability. Our guest speaker from Talink will explain why our database heritage makes migration to MariaDB so easy.

Agenda details:

Welcome and Introduction
Xpand Roundtable: A head to head conversation about distributed SQL and MariaDB Xpand
09:40 Can you migrate your databases to open source?
10:00 What's New in MariaDB Platform X5
10:20 High Availability with MariaDB
10:40 SkySQL: The DBaaS offering from MariaDB
11:00 Why MariaDB? Why Now?
11:15  Q&A, Closing 

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Why attend

MariaDB roadshow attendees will get an inside look at our product vision and roadmap, best practices and recommendations for running MariaDB in production, and an opportunity to discuss challenges and requirements with experienced solution engineers and architects.

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David Thompson

Anders Karlsson

Principal Sales Engineer
MariaDB Corporation Ab

David Thompson

Tony Klapcia

Field Sales Representative
MariaDB Corporation Ab

Speaker 3

Steve Keil

EMEA Partnership Manager
MariaDB Corporation Ab

Speaker 4

Assen Totin

Senior Software Developer - Consulting
MariaDB Corporation Ab

Speaker 5

David McKinney

Founder & Director

Speaker 6

Anil Chaudhry


Speaker 7

Sébastien Giraud

Sales Engineer
MariaDB Corporation Ab