What if you could get distributed SQL without changing your application – or even your database? Well, with MariaDB Xpand, you can. It's compatible with MySQL connectors. And if you're already running MariaDB, you can simply add the Xpand storage engine plugin.

Xpand can be deployed as a distributed SQL database, the perfect replacement for MySQL databases facing scalability challenges. Alternatively, it can be added to existing MariaDB Server deployments as an optional storage engine and replacement for InnoDB.

In this webinar we'll explain the basic concepts of distributed SQL and show you how to migrate from MySQL to Xpand or add distributed SQL to existing MariaDB deployments – and without application changes.

Watch now and learn:

• How to scale out with distributed SQL
• How to migrate from MySQL/InnoDB to Xpand
• How to add distributed SQL to MariaDB using Xpand

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David Thompson

Shane Johnson

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB