It's no question that the Structured Query Language (SQL) has been a powerful tool that has helped developers create amazing solutions over the years, but it also has its limitations. Enter PL/SQL, a procedural extension for SQL.

PL/SQL unleashed the power of procedural code to MariaDB when support for it was added in version 10.3. Nowadays, developers can take advantage of capabilities of additional data types, variables, looping mechanisms, procedures, and so much more, all executed at the database level.

In this webinar, we'll explore the capabilities of using PL/SQL with MariaDB. We'll start by understanding what PL/SQL is, its breadth of capabilities, and how it can be used to simplify development processes. We'll top it off with a live coding demonstration to illustrate how simple and straightforward it is to use PL/SQL with MariaDB.

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• How PL/SQL can be used to simplify application code
• How migrating from Oracle to MariaDB is easier than ever with the addition of PL/SQL support
• How to write and execute PL/SQL on MariaDB databases

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David Thompson

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David Thompson

David Thompson

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