Node.js has been a household name among developers for several years now. While it has been nearly impossible to escape the gravitational pull of JavaScript as a web development language, Node.js has taken things to another level. But why exactly is that?

In this session we’ll take a closer look at Node.js, why it’s so popular and how you can combine it with MariaDB to create robust, powerful and innovative applications. We’ll briefly cover how you can get started using MariaDB’s Node.js connector, then examine some best practices for building your Node.js projects with MariaDB, including tips on using popular object-relational mapping libraries like Sequelize and TypeORM.

Join this webinar to learn:

• What Node.js is and why it has become so popular
• How to get started with MariaDB using the Node.js connector
• Best practices for using MariaDB with Node.js
• How to integrate popular ORMs like Sequelize and TypeORM

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David Thompson

Rob Hedgpeth

Developer Evangelist

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB