Your business is changing. It is more real time, online and intimate with the customer. The pace of innovation and the upheavals of the last few years are driving new business models that demand 24x7 availability, and being prepared for both sudden peaks in demand as well as slow days. Meanwhile, you have to be able to adjust to changes in customer demand, market conditions, environmental disasters and your supply chain. To accomplish this all, you need data that’s always up to date and accurate – even when bad things happen.

This webinar outlines the overall mismatch of existing databases to new business models and requirements, how distributed SQL databases can fix that mismatch, and the specific advantages of MariaDB Xpand. It also outlines situations for which distributed SQL databases are not suitable, and related issues to consider when selecting a database or database provider.

Watch this webcast to get a high-level business-purpose analysis that will help you understand the use cases and technical benefits of distributed SQL databases such as MariaDB Xpand.

Topics include:

• Why today’s business models don’t work with traditional databases
• Why moving to the cloud requires new thinking
• How distributed SQL can eliminate database complexity and outages, high costs, low productivity and consistency errors
• When you don’t need distributed SQL
• The specific advantages of MariaDB Xpand for distributed SQL

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David Thompson

Andrew C. Oliver

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB