New business models require distributed SQL databases which optimize a multicloud approach

The pace of innovation and the upheavals of the last few years are driving companies, their competitors and startups to adopt new business models.

As a business adopts cloud computing technologies to support new business models, it requires database technology that makes full use of the benefits of public, private and hybrid clouds. Meanwhile, to support global operations and maintain a competitive advantage, companies are adopting a multicloud strategy. To support these objectives and more, they need a database that operates on multiple clouds, is as robust as a relational database, as scalable as a NoSQL database, and provides availability for when things go wrong.

This paper, written with The Register, outlines the overall mismatch of existing databases to new business models and requirements, the suitability of distributed SQL databases, and the specific advantages of MariaDB Xpand. It also enumerates situations for which distributed SQL databases are not suitable, and related issues to consider when selecting a database or database provider.

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