Your application won’t scale with just read replicas. You need transactions and consistency – or maybe you prefer a database that does both SQL and JSON. Sharding is too complicated to maintain, and your app has to stay up 24x7. MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, Xpand, may be the right solution.

In this webinar we’ll go beyond distributed SQL basics and look at some of the decisions that go into system and application architecture, with a focus on MariaDB Xpand. We’ll look at things like:

• Why distributed SQL (a quick review)
• Deployment options: Cloud and on premises
• Scale and availability: Deciding on cluster size and node configuration
• Zone failures
• Slices
• Load balancer configuration
• Query and result caching
• Data migration: Moving from MySQL or MariaDB Server to Xpand

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David Thompson

Andrew C. Oliver

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB