How to Create an Effective Backup and Restore Strategy

The last few years have been a stark reminder that unplanned events can cause incredible disruption. If you don’t have a fleshed-out business continuity plan in place, there’s no time like the present. Your plan should list essential business functions, the systems and processes required to sustain those functions, and details on how to keep those systems and processes running.

Data backup and recovery should be near the top of any organization’s list. A well-tested backup and recovery system can mean the difference between a minor outage and the end of your business.

Join this webinar to learn the components of a comprehensive backup and restore plan. Discover all the procedures and tools MariaDB provides to enable secure, smooth disaster recovery, including:

• Backup types: raw and logical
• Resources for backups: storage, cloud, geo-redundant data centers, replicas, delayed replicas
• Recovery types, including point-in-time recovery
• How MariaDB helps organizations achieve compliance with industry and legal regulations for disaster planning and beyond

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David Thompson

Santiago Lertora

Manager, Customer Engineering

David Thompson

Jens Bollman

Principal Customer Engineer