Did you know that Oracle costs 33x more than MariaDB?
Join us at our first co-hosted webinar with Profelis to find out more about what MariaDB can do for you.

MariaDB is one of the world’s leading open source databases and Profelis is now the first and only partner of MariaDB in Turkey. The Profelis database team is well-trained by MariaDB and ready to enhance your database operations.

Join us to hear Steve Keil, EMEA Partner Enablement Manager at MariaDB, discuss the advantages of MariaDB database, including the tools, use cases, and success stories.
Bugra Sari, Business Development Manager at Profelis, will share the scope of the partnership and how you can benefit from migrating to MariaDB.

- Introduction to Profelis and MariaDB
- Profelis’s partnership with MariaDB. 
- Why migrate to MariaDB from Oracle, technical and financial advantages.
- MariaDB use-cases and success stories.

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David Thompson

Steve Keil

EMEA Partner Enablement Manager
MariaDB Corporation

David Thompson

Bugra Sari

Business Development Manager