You asked for a no-nonsense webinar for developers and architects interested in deploying distributed SQL applications, and this is it! No industry trends will be analyzed, no products will be positioned; we’ll focus on the code (and how to get it working). We’ll demonstrate how to launch some database instances on a cloud database service (our SkySQL DBaaS), create simple Java, JavaScript and Python applications, and run them on a distributed SQL database (MariaDB Xpand). Bring your questions, your laptop, a large monitor and a keyboard – and lets get clacking.

Watch this webcast to learn:

• How to deploy a distributed SQL database instance in the cloud with MariaDB Xpand on SkySQL
• How to create Java, JavaScript and Python applications that connect to SkySQL and Xpand
• Where to go for your next steps in creating more advanced applications

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David Thompson

Andrew C. Oliver

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB