The base of code written in Java, JavaScript, Python and other programming languages is vast, driving mission-critical applications everywhere. Tens of thousands of programmers, DevOps engineers and other IT professionals are refactoring, migrating and integrating that code into cloud environments. Whether you’re deploying applications to AWS, Google Cloud Platform or another cloud environment, SkySQL is the cloud database service that spans the needs of modern applications.

In this webinar, Alejandro Duarte (developer advocate at MariaDB) will walk you through quick and easy steps to connect to SkySQL with Java, JavaScript and Python applications. You will learn about:

• Challenges in self-managed database deployments
• Creating SkySQL databases in AWS and GCP
• Using the built-in SkySQL query editor to run SQL statements
• Connecting to SkySQL databases from desktop clients (like DBeaver and VS Code SQL extensions) and Java, JavaScript/NodeJS and Python applications

By the end of this webinar, you will better understand your cloud database options and be able to connect your Java, JavaScript and Python applications quickly and affordably to SkySQL databases.

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David Thompson

Alejandro Duarte

Developer Advocate
MariaDB plc

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB