Which AWS-hosted cloud database is the best? Until recently, your choice was between Amazon's RDS and Aurora, with Aurora being the better option when your app requires high availability and high performance. But now you have another option: MariaDB SkySQL.

Join this webinar comparing the top three choices for AWS cloud databases. You’ll learn:

• The basics of how RDS and Aurora work (plus what's included and what's not)
• RDS and Aurora limitations
• SkySQL features and offerings
• The actual cost of each cloud database
• Exactly how MariaDB SkySQL and Amazon RDS/Aurora compare in terms of features, price, capabilities and scale

Whether you're starting a greenfield project on AWS, already an AWS customer, or looking to modernize your data infrastructure by migrating legacy applications to AWS, selecting the right cloud database is critical to your success.

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David Thompson

Lewis Carr

Sr. Director, Product Marketing
MariaDB plc

David Thompson

Venkateswaran Iyer

VP of Engineering, Cloud Services
MariaDB plc