Picture this: Two trains are leaving from the same station, and they’ll make a lot of the same stops along their journeys – but they’re heading for two very different destinations. Those “trains” are MariaDB Community Server, developed by MariaDB plc with key contributions from the community, and MariaDB Enterprise Server, an enhanced, secure and hardened version of Community Server. Which train will get you where you need to go?

In this webinar, Max Mether, MariaDB co-founder and head of server product management, will cover the latest features of these two database offerings, including:

• Enhanced security measures
• Continued expansion of JSON functionality
• Further Oracle compatibility
• Galera cluster monitoring and management advancements
• Partitioning improvements that better support mixed transactional and analytical workloads

By the end of the session, you’ll know the differences between MariaDB Community Server and Enterprise Server – and when, where and why those differences matter.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get answers to your questions, directly from MariaDB product leadership.

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David Thompson

Max Mether

Co-Founder and VP of Server Product Management
MariaDB plc

David Thompson

Lewis Carr

Sr. Director, Product Marketing
MariaDB plc