Almost every Java, Python or Node.js application needs a database. With so many options, it's crucial to understand the key players in the ecosystem – two of the strongest being MySQL and MariaDB. But...Isn't MariaDB just a fork of MySQL? What is the story behind these technologies?

In this webinar, Alejandro Duarte (Developer Relations Engineer at MariaDB) will:

• Bring you up to speed on the history of MySQL and MariaDB – including interesting details that few know
• Dive into technical features like these:

• Pluggable storage engines
• Database proxies, automatic failover and high availability (HA)
• Transparent data masking
• Change data capture (CDC)
• Oracle/PostgreSQL/MongoDB compatibility

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David Thompson

Alejandro Duarte

Developer Relations Engineer
MariaDB plc

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB