Packaging application code and dependent libraries and even linking dependent apps or runtimes with Docker Compose is just the beginning. Data-intensive software like databases, content management systems and developer tools are increasingly Docker friendly. This level of Docker adoption means an order-of-magnitude simplification for development and testing is within your reach – today.

Following our webinar last month on Testcontainers and MariaDB, we’re excited to show you MariaDB and Docker in action for development.

You’ll learn how to:

• Set up several different web-based development environments locally.
• Connect MariaDB to VS Code Server, CloudBeaver, PHP/Laravel and phpMyAdmin, using a single docker-compose command and configuration file.

Missed last month’s Testcontainers + MariaDB webinar? Watch it now.

Watch the webcast


David Thompson

Alejandro Duarte

Engineer, Developer Relations

David Thompson

Pieter Humphrey

Director, Developer Relations