Without a highly available, resilient database architecture, your business is facing lost revenue, eroded customer trust, and risk from human error and ransomware attacks. Not a pretty picture. This webinar plots a clear and cost-effective path to zero downtime – with MariaDB’s enterprise-grade high availability and data resilience features.

Join us on Thursday, May 30, to learn how MariaDB can help you meet even the most stringent uptime requirements, without the need for third-party add-ons. We’ll explore:
  • Zero-interruption automatic failover to eliminate customer-impacting downtime
  • Transparent handling of topology changes and rolling upgrades
  • Strategies for quick recovery from failures and incidents like accidental data deletion
  • Options for disaster recovery across multiple sites and regions
  • Various high availability architecture designs
  • How MariaDB Enterprise Server and its MaxScale database proxy work together to protect your business from unplanned outages and data loss – while reducing database administration and management overhead

We'll also share real-world use cases, identify red flags in your architecture and answer your questions in a live Q&A. Join us!
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David Thompson

Kathryn Sizemore

Global Senior Sales Engineer
North America, MariaDB

David Thompson

David Thompson

VP, Engineering
North America, MariaDB