It’s a scalability, security and availability booster

The most innovative enterprises deploy an advanced database proxy to insert automatic topology detection, intelligent routing and dynamic query/result filtering between the application and the database. It not only improves the scalability, security and availability of data, it simplifies application development.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of MariaDB MaxScale, an advanced database proxy, and show you how to enable and configure plugins for routing queries in master/slave and multi-master deployments, prevent data breaches by masking sensitive data in query results and automate the failover process.

Join us and learn how to give your database a boost with:

  • Automatic topology detection and intelligent routing
  • Query filtering with a rules and syntax-based firewall
  • Denial of service protection and data breach prevention
  • Streaming change-data-capture integration

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David Thompson

Dipti Joshi

Director of Product Management

David Thompson

Shane Johnson

Senior Director of Product Marketing