Getting from data to insight has never been easier, or faster

MariaDB AX is engineered to simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing data, removing the need for complex, time-consuming batch processes or data models constrained to, or optimized for, a limited set of queries – modern requirements when predictive/prescriptive analytics and time-to-insight become competitive differentiators.

MariaDB AX is now based on MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1, a distributed and columnar storage engine for high-performance analytics at scale, and introduces simplified data ingestion via data adapters, semi-structured/unstructured data analysis via text and binary columns, and custom analytical functions via a user-defined aggregate/window API.

In this webinar, Dipti Joshi, MariaDB’s Director of Product Management, will provide an overview of MariaDB AX, highlight innovative customer use cases, and provide a detailed explanation of new features and the benefits they provide.

You will learn more about MariaDB AX, including its use cases and the following new features:

  • Ingesting data on demand and without ETL with bulk data adapters
  • Ingesting data from MariaDB TX and/or Apache Kafka via streaming data adapters
  • Analyzing data with out-of-the-box and user-defined aggregate/window functions
  • Improving HA/DR with GlusterFS and parallel backup/restore tooling

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David Thompson

Dipti Joshi

Director of Product Management
MariaDB Corporation

MariaDB Corporation