Preventing data breaches and protecting personal data

The security features of a modern database, one powering customer-facing web and mobile applications, must meet and exceed traditional enterprise requirements – everything from transparent data encryption (TDE) to query blocking and result limiting.

MariaDB is the most secure enterprise open source database, rivals proprietary databases in terms of traditional enterprise security requirements and includes the world's most advanced database firewall. Further, dynamic data masking and complete data obfuscation can be used to protect personal data (and meet GDPR requirements).

This webinar walks through all of the security features available in MariaDB Platform, from encrypted client connections, data and backups to pluggable authentication, role-based access and auditing to database firewall rules and dynamic data masking/obfuscation.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Get up to speed on the latest security features in MariaDB Platform
  • Learn how to deploy and configure a fully-secured database
  • Understand how to protect the database from malicious attacks

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David Thompson

MariaDB Corporation