Scalability + Transactions + SQL

How do you scale to support applications and services with thousands, if not millions, of concurrent users and queries per second – expensive hardware, a NoSQL database? You don’t have to sacrifice transactions and SQL, or spend millions on a database appliance.

MariaDB TX 3.0, with its focus on purpose-built storage engines, introduced Spider to support scale-out deployments with transparent, built-in sharding based on distributed partitions – and when combined with built-in JSON support, there is no need for NoSQL.

This webinar recording highlights common use cases for scaling out, provides an overview of the Spider storage engine, explains how MariaDB TX executes queries on distributed partitions, and describes a reference architecture for querying both replicated and distributed data.

Watch the recording to:

  • Learn how to scale reads, writes and storage
  • Understand how distributed data is stored and queried
  • See a reference architecture for scale-out deployments
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David Thompson

MariaDB Corporation