Prepare your database. Win the day.

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your database can’t waver for a second, let alone fail – and yet, it's facing a workload exponentially larger than ever before. The cost of downtime will be at an-all time high.

A database left configured for typical workloads isn't going to survive the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend (or any other surge in traffic, anticipated or not), but with a little planning, and a little work, it will handle anything you throw at it – and ask for more.

In this webinar, we share recommendations and best practices for making sure your databases are ready to scale, perform their best, handle failures and keep the data protected so you can come out of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend a winner (and well rested).

Learn how to:

  • Create a database capable of scaling on demand
  • Eliminate downtime when a server or database fails
  • Optimize performance under heavy workloads
  • Stop data breaches from exposing customers’ personal info
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David Thompson

MariaDB Corporation