Total Cost of Ownership Analysis: MariaDB vs. Oracle

Proprietary License vs. Open Source Subscription

Interested in learning how much you could save by moving off Oracle Enterprise? This total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis is for you.

This paper provides an in-depth look at the software and support costs of MariaDB Enterprise and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition for a three-node cluster deployed on commodity hardware over three years – on premise and in the cloud (AWS/Oracle Cloud).

The costs, based on standard enterprise requirements (high availability, enhanced security, performance/efficiency and scalability) and mid-tier computing resources (32 cores per server/instance), are illustrated in detailed comparison tables.

The results are significant.

  • Save $1-2M a year in operating expenses by replacing Oracle Database 
  • Save $5.4M in capital expenses by choosing MariaDB

Download the white paper for this TCO analysis – complete with cost tables – to see how much your organization can save by replacing Oracle Database with MariaDB.

Download the TCO Report