The MariaDB database is popular with organizations looking to escape the high costs and complexities of proprietary databases such as Oracle Database. MariaDB Server is the only Oracle-compatible database that is 100% open source and includes enterprise-grade features such as temporal tables, columnar analytics and enterprise auditing and backup capabilities. Companies that switch to MariaDB Enterprise Server from proprietary databases save up to 90% of total database costs.

Join this webinar and learn how to migrate from Oracle Database to MariaDB Enterprise Server using DBeaver. It provides you with insights and practical steps for an easy transition to the enterprise open source MariaDB database.

The webinar is divided in two parts: an overview of the key considerations and benefits of migrating to MariaDB Enterprise Server, followed by a hands-on demonstration of how DBeaver facilitates this process, highlighting its features for data migration directly from an expert from the DBeaver team.

Join this informative and entertaining session if you are a DBA, developer, or IT manager looking for knowledge and tools to confidently undertake database migration projects.

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David Thompson

Alejandro Duarte

Engineer, Developer Relations

David Thompson

Kyle Joiner

Principal Technical Support