The Ultimate Guide to Database High Availability with MariaDB

An updated enterprise guide to database high availability strategies for mission-critical applications

How much downtime can your business afford? Downtime costs anywhere from $300,000 to more than $1 million an hour.* With that much riding on the line, every company needs a solid high availability strategy.

This new-and-improved guide provides an overview of how MariaDB Enterprise Server and its MaxScale database proxy simplify database high availability via options such as replication with automatic failover and multimaster clustering.

Download this guide for detailed steps and configuration options, including:

  • Advanced, zero-interruption automatic failover, plus connection and session failover
  • Delayed retries
  • Cooperative monitoring
  • Read/write split router
  • Causal reads
  • Database management features such as transparent topology changes, rolling upgrades, replica build/rebuild, GUI monitoring, REST API and built-in query caching
  • MariaDB disaster recovery recommendations

*Source: ITIC. Security, Data Breaches Top Cause of Downtime in 2022.

Download the Guide