Guide to high availability with MariaDB

A guide to enterprise high availability strategies for mission-critical applications

Tired of living with the tradeoffs between paying through the nose for proprietary databases or having to embed high-availability features like automated replication and failover into your applications?

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of the high availability features and options available within MariaDB – everything from replication with automatic failover to topologies for multiple data centers. It also examines the trade-offs between performance, consistency and durability in high availability configurations as well as the implications of using secondary databases as read replicas.

This update includes advanced high availability options, including last transaction replay, delayed retries and connection/session migration.

Read the white paper and learn more about:

  • The pros and cons of clustering vs. replication
  • Choosing a replication strategy based on use case requirements
  • Making automatic failover transparent to applications
  • Deploying in multiple data centers and with public and private clouds
Download the Guide