Compare Open Source Databases

The world’s largest organizations are using strategic initiatives to replace proprietary databases and expensive licenses with open source databases and enterprise subscriptions. How do these organizations choose the right open source database to standardize on?

When comparing the leading enterprise open source databases – MariaDB Platform (formerly MariaDB TX), Oracle MySQL Enterprise and EnterpriseDB Postgres Platform – it’s important to understand both functional and organizational differences: everything from open development and source code to SQL completeness and enterprise security.

In this cage match, MariaDB, Oracle and EnterpriseDB will compete in:

  • Business model and pricing
  • Open source commitment and innovation
  • Features and capabilities
  • Development (SQL and non-relational)

Watch the recording to see how each offering stacks up.

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Shane Johnson

Senior Director of Product Marketing, MariaDB

Johan Wikman

Lead Developer, MariaDB